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Who we are

In 2013, Bianca & Elisabeth, started a Food Tour project called “Wiener Sinnestour” which caters to local food lovers. Since we have received increasing requests from abroad to offer English Tours as well, we are now happy to offer the First Vienna Food Tour to English and French speaking tourists.

Bianca Gusenbauer (c) Jürgen Pletterbauer


Bianca trained as chef, is a passionate food lover, writer & entertainer. After working in Environmental Politics she dedicated her professional life to food and runs her own business called Bianca is(s)t which literally translated means Bianca “is” because she “eats”. She has published cook books and also organizes English cooking classes for visitors in Vienna. Her profession makes her happy every day and luckily she has also been travelling all over the world which has enhanced her cultural understanding also in connection with the meaning of food. Pleasure and Food dedicate Bianca’s life!

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Elisabeth is a sensory professional and tastes foods and drinks for a living. Could there be a better job?  Elisabeth has a company called Sensorikum, specialized in sensory training, which she runs with her friend Birgit. She enjoys natural and artisanal food products. Her passion is  sharing them with friends and using them in her own kitchen. Elisabeth loves tasting new food products and finding flavours that she has never tasted before. However, she is also convinced that great food does not have to be elitist – it is the simple dishes we know from our childhood that make us happy!

Our great guides share our passion for good food and complete our team.



Sabrina studies Nutrition Sciences and is always looking for the best taste!  She manages to discover new producers and aromas, no matter if she is on mission for her studies, our tours or for her private household. Besides touring with you in Vienna, she loves to travel and enjoys cooking for herself or for friends. And again, Sabrina never gets bored while cooking because she always takes the risk of exploring new recipes and new combinations.

Lucky Sabrina! She lives around the corner of the up-rising Fresh Food Market “Meidlinger Markt” where she can get all ingredients for being happy!

In a nutshell, true real flavors, pleasure & sport are the main ingredients for a happy Sabrina!



Lena is just finishing her French language studies and her heart has been beating for food since ever she can think. Food & Lena, Lena & Food! It is not the beaten food track that she is interested in, but kind of excited she is discovering food & producers in Vienna and around the world. As a free spirit she adores travelling as much as food and languages that’s why she easily connects with other people.

Besides enjoying food pleasure, she is also a Yogi and finds relaxation while is practicing or teaching Yoga.

Meet Lena and you will feel her enthusiasm for food immediately! For her pleasure is the conscious discovery and perception of aromas.